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12 Creative Ways to Use Hand Woven Baskets in Your Home

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12 Creative Ways to Use Hand Woven Baskets in Your Home

I'm excited to share with you the various ways to use hand woven baskets in your home to enhance your decor and meet your everyday storage needs. These tips have been tried and tested by me, as well as by friends, family, and clients who have found them incredibly helpful.

So, if you're curious about how to use woven baskets in your home decor and make your life easier, you're in for a treat. 

Ways to use hand woven baskets in the home

Handwoven baskets are awesome for homes! They're not just for looks; they're super useful too.

I love using them all around my place. For instance, in the living room, they're perfect for storing things like magazines or blankets, making the space feel cozy and organized.

They're also handy in the laundry room for keeping laundry and linens in order. In the kitchen, they're perfect for holding spices or fruits. Even in the kids' playroom, they're great for storing toys and craft supplies.

Plus, they add a cool rustic vibe to your home!

Popular uses for Rufina Designs woven baskets

Below, I’m going to share some practical and creative ways I’ve used woven baskets from Rufina Designs, and how other people use them in their homes or offices.

1. Storage solutions

Ways to Use Hand Woven Baskets in Your Home

I absolutely like handwoven baskets for keeping things neat and cozy! You can stash blankets in the living room or keep your books tidy in the study. Even Martha Stewart is a fan of using baskets for home organization!

And the best part? These baskets are so versatile. They can hold anything and still look classy. 

According to Mst. Sampa Khatun, a handicraft supplier, these baskets can do it all – from storing stuff to serving and handling everyday items. They're both practical and beautiful, adding style to your home organization.

2. Home Décor

Ways to Use Hand Woven Baskets: Rufina Designs basket flower pot

Hand-woven baskets can transform the look of your home. I’ve used them as gorgeous plant holders and even hung them as wall art.

They bring a warm, earthy vibe to every corner. And you know those often-overlooked spaces like shelves, under sinks, and coffee tables – they’re perfect for displaying these baskets.

With a bit of experimentation, you’ll see how these baskets are not just rustic but can add a chic touch to your decor. All it takes is a dash of creativity and a knack for mixing things up.

3. Organizing your bathroom with hand woven baskets

Ways to Use Hand Woven Baskets in Your Home: a toiletry basket  in a bathroom

I’ve found that handwoven baskets are not just beautiful, but super handy for organizing spaces like the bathroom. They add a natural, calming vibe while helping keep things neat. Imagine rolling up guest towels or sorting your skin care products in these baskets.

Here’s how you can use a handwoven basket in your bathroom:

· Toiletries holder: Struggling with too many products cluttering your bathroom? A woven basket can neatly hold them all, keeping them in sight so you remember to use them. It’s a great way to avoid losing your favorite conditioner in the back of a cupboard.

· Towel holder: Just like with toiletries, using a basket for towels makes your bathroom look more organized. It changes the whole feel of the room in an instant. You could even use this idea in a guest bedroom, so your visitors know where to find towels without having to ask, ensuring there are always clean towels handy.

· Bath toy storage: Keep your kids’ bath toys organized and easy to find.

· Cleaning supplies: A neat way to store your cleaning essentials.

· Extra soap storage: Perfect for storing extra bars of soap and keeping them handy.

4. Using hand woven baskets in your kitchen

Handwoven baskets are perfect for neatly storing and displaying fruits, veggies, or even kitchen tools. They help keep my countertops organized and bring a warm, rustic charm to the space.

These baskets are also great for making the inside of your cupboards more organized and visually appealing. 

And for a cozy, homey feel at meal times, I like to use smaller baskets as bread holders on the dining table. They really make each meal feel a bit more special.

5. Create a cozy bedroom with woven baskets

Bringing natural elements into your bedroom can create a peaceful and grounding atmosphere, and handwoven baskets are a perfect way to do this. They add warm colors and cozy textures that seem to echo the calming ambiance you’d find in a secluded country retreat.

Here’s some ways to use handwoven baskets in the bedroom area:

  • Beside the bed, beyond ordinary: Replace your usual nightstand drawer with a handwoven basket. It’s a fantastic spot for keeping your bedtime essentials like a book or tablet. Plus, placing a big basket under the nearby area can make your bedroom look more balanced and open.
  • Storage that saves the day: Let’s face it, bedrooms often become unintentional dumping grounds for random items that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Baskets can help. Larger ones can keep things like extra blankets and pillows, workout gear, or even those off-season clothes. Smaller ones can manage your accessories or makeup collections. Who knew decluttering could look so good?
  • Laundry, elevated: The traditional laundry basket is due for a makeover. Choose a woven one, preferably with a lid, to keep your dirty laundry out of sight and keep your bedroom looking from any unnecessary clutter.

6. They are great plant holders

Rufina Designs planter baskets
Credit: Rufina Design 

Have you ever thought about using a basket as a plant holder? I tried it, and it completely transformed the vibe of my space. Baskets add a natural, earthy touch, making it feel like you’ve brought a bit of the outdoors inside.

The contrast between the plant’s greenery and the basket’s design makes any room pop. I remember reading on The Spruce about how baskets are great decorative accents. 

Mixing and matching different types of baskets, as I did in my living room, adds variety and keeps the decor interesting without being too uniform.

7. Children’s playroom storage

If you have kids, these handwoven baskets can help their playrooms tidy. They’re great for storing toys, books, clothes, and all those craft supplies.

Not only do they keep everything organized, but they also add a stylish touch to the nursery or playroom. Plus, it’s a nice way for them to learn to tidy up after themselves by putting toys back into their own baskets. 

8. Laundry and linen storage

 Rufina Designs Laundry basket

I've ditched plastic laundry bins for good. These woven baskets are fantastic for keeping my linen cupboard neat and tidy. I even place them in guest bedrooms to make it easy for visitors staying over.

A strong handwoven basket is both useful and stylish. Whether it's in the bedroom for storing linens or in the bathroom for laundry, it does the job perfectly. 

And a shallow basket is just what I need on my coffee table to keep things like candles, pens, and other small items organized.

9. Use woven baskets as gift baskets

A woven basket filled with flowers
Credit: Rufinadesigns  

When you're stuck on what gift to give, a woven basket is a wonderful idea. 

Fill it with sweet surprises like soaps, candles, or other little goodies. It's a special and thoughtful way to show you care, and whoever receives it will surely feel the love and effort you put into it.

10. Use shallow baskets for smaller items and accessories

Ways to Use Hand Woven Baskets: children toys inside Rufina Designs basket

I’ve found that shallow baskets work wonders for keeping my small accessories tidy. I use one to store things like magazines, reading glasses, and even some chocolates for those special treat nights.

These small woven baskets are also great for entryway storage. In my own home, I use a shallow Ugandan basket in the entryway as a convenient spot for keys and wallets. It’s a simple solution that helps me stay organized, especially when I'm rushing out the door.

Plus, small baskets are perfect for coffee tables. They’re great for corralling items like candles, pens, and other small, clutter-prone objects, keeping your space neat and orderly.

11. Provide storage and stunning visuals in your guest room

Ways to Use Hand Woven Baskets: Rufina Designs basket

Don't have a linen closet in your guest room? No problem! I love to make my guests feel right at home by putting extra pillows, blankets, towels, slippers, or even a snug robe in a lovely basket. It's a small but heartfelt gesture that lets them know how much I value their stay.

12. Hang baskets as works of art

Baskets go beyond mere storage—they're stunning pieces of art! I've found that traditional African baskets can elevate any space into a visual masterpiece. Whether you're creating a gallery wall above your bed or adding a global touch to your entryway, these baskets bring a unique charm.

Rufina Designs has some fantastic wall design baskets that are easy to hang – just a couple of Command Hooks and you’re set. I’ve even made a video to show you how to stylishly decorate your walls with these hanging baskets. They’re perfect for adding an eye-catching element to any room, be it your living room, guest room, or anywhere you’d like a bit of artistic flair.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Hand woven baskets aren’t just beautiful, they’re incredibly versatile too. They can transform your bathroom into a well-organized space, make your home office less chaotic, and keep your living room neat, and your hallway clutter-free.

Whether it’s for storing toiletries, corralling loose papers, hiding clutter, or organizing winter accessories, Rufina baskets are a game changer. 

They’re not only functional but also add a unique charm to any room. Don’t underestimate the power of a hand-woven basket. It’s a simple yet effective solution to keep your home tidy and stylish.

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