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I’m Rufina, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to Rufina Designs—a place where creativity and sustainability meet African craftsmanship.

It all started right in the cozy confines of my bedroom, where I felt a deep yearning for something meaningful and fulfilling. That’s when I began crafting, teaching myself the art of designing and crafting various accessories through DIY tutorials and blogs. From African-inspired earrings, necklaces, and Ankara print shoes to Ankara bags, my creations ranged far and wide.

In 2018, Rufina Designs officially came to life. Since then, it’s been an exhilarating ride as I’ve delved into the vibrant world of African accessories. But for me, it’s more than just a business venture—it’s a celebration of my Ghanaian heritage and a way to support talented local artisans across Africa.

Each of my products is more than just an item—it’s a statement, a celebration of African culture, and a commitment to supporting talented local artisans across Africa. 

I take immense pride in preserving the age-old art of basket weaving, a skill passed down through generations, and empowering women while providing an alternative source of income, particularly during challenging times for farming communities.

Drawing on my heritage from the Upper West of Ghana, I’m passionate about presenting a diverse selection of eco-friendly and sustainable baskets sourced from various African countries.

I currently support talented weavers from Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, and Senegal, investing back into these communities and enhancing lives through sustainable practices and creativity.

So, come on in and take a peek at my unique assortment. Explore the vibrant world of African accessories, and join me in celebrating the richness of African culture one handmade piece at a time.