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The 10 Best Woven Baskets in 2024

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The 10 Best Woven Baskets in 2024

Are you on the hunt for the best woven basket, and don’t know which one to go for? You’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’m sharing my personal favorites – the 10 best woven baskets that I’ve found. Whether you need something for storage, a cool decorative piece, or a handy carry-all, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look.


Best overall: Rufina Designs Basket Handbag with leather handles


  • Chic style and colorful design
  • Spacious enough to fit daily essentials
  • Lightweight, easy to carry around
  • A flat bottom allows it to stand upright on its own


  • Does not completely close, only has a leather toggle

This is hands down my favorite woven basket. Crafted from elephant straw in Bolga, Ghana, this eco-friendly bag is the perfect mix of chic style and playful vibes. The leather handles and decorative accents? They’re the cherry on top, bringing a classy finish.

What we also like

I’m totally in love with its spaciousness – it effortlessly fits all daily essentials without feeling bulky. And it’s so light! Carrying it around feels like a breeze, and it adds just the right splash of color and flair to my everyday outfits.

What we don’t like

The bag doesn’t completely close – it just has a leather toggle. But honestly, it’s deep enough that I’ve never had issues with my stuff spilling out.

Another plus is the flat bottom, making it stand upright on its own, which is incredibly convenient when I need to put it down for a bit. In my book, it’s an all-around winner for anyone looking for a practical yet stylish bag.

Best wall decor basket: Rufina Designs African Hanging wall basket

Originally designed for sprucing up your living room, bedroom, kitchen walls, or any room really, I found these Ugandan wall decorative baskets can do so much more.

I’ve found a clever use for one in my entryway as a storage basket – it’s a perfect spot to toss in keys and wallets, so I never forget them when I rush out the door.

But their uses don’t stop there. They’re also fantastic as fruit bowls, table displays, or even bathroom organizers.


  • Versatile use for living room, bedroom, kitchen, & more
  • Suitable as fruit bowls, table displays, or organizers
  • Visually stunning design
  • Made from sustainable materials


  • Does not come with hooks for hanging

What we also like

What also stands out to me is the quality. These decorative baskets are made from banana stalks and raffia fibers, which not only make them visually stunning, but also durable. The use of naturally dyed grass fibers and recycled materials makes them a sustainable choice, which I’m all for.

What we don’t like

There’s a small hiccup – they don’t come with hooks for hanging. You’ll need a little creativity to mount them, but trust me, it’s worth it. 

My solution? Small Command Hooks. They’re great for any wall and don’t damage it. If you’re curious about how to do this, check out my video where I show you how I did it.

Best tote basket bag: Rufina Designs U Shopper Basket

I’ve fallen in love with the U Shopper Basket, and I think you will too. It’s become my all-around favorite for just about any outing.

Whether I’m heading to the beach on a sunny day or popping over to the farmer’s market, this basket is my go-to accessory. Its unique low-cut design makes it versatile for any occasion.


  • Ideal for various outings like beach trips or farmer’s markets.
  • Rustic chic look
  • Durable and built to last
  • Eco-friendly, suitable for repeated use in various activities.


  • Lacks pockets or compartments

What we also like

I’m particularly charmed by its rustic chic look – it’s like carrying a piece of artisanal craftsmanship wherever you go. It’s not just about looks, though; this basket is built to last and its eco-friendly nature means you can use it time and again, for all sorts of activities.

What we don’t like

The U Shopper is quite minimalist in design, offering a single, open space without any pockets or compartments. While this simplicity is part of its charm, it might be a bit impractical in a bustling city environment. 

My tip? Pair it with a small pouch to store your important stuff safe and organized.

Best handwoven laundry basket: Rufina Designs Laundry Basket

This is one handmade laundry bin you won’t want to tuck away.

Everything about this African laundry basket is effortlessly stylish, from its vibrant colors and sustainable materials to its intricate weaving patterns that make doing laundry feel less of a chore.

It’s not just for laundry either; this basket is great for storing toys, duvets, pillows, you name it.


  • Versatile, not just for laundry but also for storing toys, duvets, etc.
  • Sturdy construction, capable of handling a full load of laundry.
  • Stands upright on its own
  • Deep enough with a lid to conceal laundry
  • Has a handy handle for easy carrying


  • The style and size may not suit everyone’s preferences

What we also like

I’m a big fan of how sturdy it is. It can handle a full load of laundry easily and looks good doing it. Plus, it stands up on its own and is deep enough with a lid to fill your laundry and keep everything out of sight, so no clutter.

What we don’t like

I’ve got nothing bad to say about this storage basket. It’s practical for daily use, comes with a handy handle, and the design is both functional and stylish.

That said, its style and size might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I’d suggest checking its measurements and color scheme to ensure it fits well in your space and suits your needs.

Best for kitchen use: Bolga Multifunctional Fruit Basket

The Bolga Multifunctional Fruit Basket is great for kitchen organization.

It’s the perfect way to store those veggies that don’t need refrigeration, like potatoes, vegetables, and onions, neatly stored instead of cluttering up the kitchen counter.

Plus, it’s a stylish serving tray that adds a tidy touch to any kitchen counter space.


  • Great for storing non-refrigerated veggies and fruits
  • Handcrafted by local artisans in Bolga, Ghana.
  • Offers a natural, attractive look to kitchen spaces.
  • Easy to clean with a simple wipe.


  • The basket is small, not for heavy or numerous items.

What we also like

Crafted by local artisans in Bolga, Ghana, from elephant straw, it’s not only sturdy and eco-friendly but also brings a lovely, natural aesthetic to any kitchen space. Plus, keeping it clean is super easy – a quick wipe with a damp cloth does the job.

What we don’t like

Do note that this storage basket is quite small. If you load it up with a lot of fruit or heavier items, it might not hold up. 

If you need something larger for more bulky items, you might want to consider best-woven baskets that are bigger, something like the Hafele Natural Wicker Basket, which offers more.

Best plant basket: Rwandan Pot Basket

This plant pot is not only beautiful, but they’re also really practical. I’ve used mine in so many ways – as a cozy home for my plants, a stylish display piece, and even for storing odds and ends.

Plus, knowing that it’s 100% eco-friendly and sustainable makes me feel good about using them. It’s not just about having a pretty basket; it’s about owning something that has a story, cares for the environment, and serves multiple purposes.

The Rufina Designs basket ticks all these boxes.


  • Versatile for multiple uses, including storing various items
  • 100% eco-friendly & sustainable
  • Can accommodate a variety of plants and fit well in different spaces
  • Beautiful design


  • Susceptible to mold, mildew, or deterioration if not maintained properly

What we also like

With dimensions of 9” x 9” at the top and 9” x 7” at the bottom, it’s just the right size for a variety of plants. And it’s well-sized to fit just right in any space. 

So, if you’re looking for a basket that’s both beautiful and functional, I’d recommend the Rufina Designs Rwandan Pot Basket.

What we don’t like

Unlike plastic or ceramic pots, this hand-woven basket is not inherently waterproof.

Regular exposure to water can lead to mold, mildew, or deterioration of the basket material, and there’s the fact that it requires more maintenance as it may need to be cleaned gently to avoid unraveling or damaging the weave.

Best dog basket: Rufina Designs Dog Basket

If you’re looking for a special sleeping spot for your furry friend, the Rufina Designs Dog Storage Basket is a fantastic choice. This bed is handmade by artisans in Ghana from natural elephant grass, using natural dyes.

This not only makes it stunning to look at, but it also means you’re supporting ethical and sustainable craftsmanship. The basket itself is stylish and adds a touch of elegance to any room.

It’s not just a dog bed, but a piece of decor.


  • Sturdy and inviting for pets
  • Stunning and eco-friendly.
  • Option to add extra comfort like blankets or foam mattresses
  • Handmade by artisans in Ghana


  • Available in only one color and size
  • Not suitable for particularly large dogs

What we also like

Of course, comfort is key for your dog. 

The basket itself is sturdy and inviting, but you’ll want to add extra blankets like a soft lining like fleece, sheepskin, or a foam mattress to make sure your pup has a cozy place to rest.

What we don’t like

Well, this dog bag comes in only one color and size. So, if you have a particularly large dog or you’re looking for more color options, it might not be the perfect fit. 

Overall, the Rufina Designs Dog Basket is a great way to provide comfort for your pet while adding a touch of elegance to your home.

Best storage basket: Rufina Designs Large Round Straw Basket

The Large Straw Basket is a standout choice for home storage baskets, and here’s why it’s the best.

Firstly, its size is just perfect – not too big, not too small. Measuring 10 inches in height and 15 inches in width, it’s incredibly versatile.

You can use it for a myriad of things: for picnics, keeping small kids’ toys, towels, magazines, general storage, or even as a stylish mini hamper. Plus, it would make a lovely gift!


  • Suitable for various storage needs.
  • Makes a lovely gift option.
  • Easy to move around the house with convenient handles
  • Aesthetically appealing with vibrant colors and intricate weaving patterns


  • Does not come with a lid
  • Better suited for open storage rather than hiding items out of sight

What we also like

What I love about this storage basket is its ease of use. It comes with handles that make it so easy to move around the house without any strain.

You don’t have to worry about lifting it awkwardly or dragging it across the floor and scratching it. Plus, its aesthetic appeal is undeniable.

What we don’t like

One thing to note, however, is that this storage basket doesn’t come with a lid. So, if you’re looking for storage baskets with lids to store items out of sight, this might not be the best option. But for open storage, it’s wonderful.

Best Bike Basket: Rufina Designs Bicycle Basket with Straps

This one is perfect for those sunny day rides on a quick grocery run. You can load it up with fruits, newspapers, a loaf of bread, or even a bottle of your favorite drink.

The quality of the weaving means everything stays put, no matter how bumpy the ride. Plus, the colorful, stylish design makes your bike stand out in the best way possible.

  • Perfect for sunny day rides, for quick grocery runs
  • Colorful and stylish design
  • Snug fit with minimal movement when on the go
  • Can be attached or removed from your bike’s handlebars as needed

  • Not suitable for constant exposure to rain.

What we also like

The design includes two adjustable buckles that securely attach the basket to your bike, ensuring it stays snugly in place with minimal movement, even when you’re on the go. This means you can use it when you need it and easily take it off your bike’s handlebars when you don’t.

What we don’t like

I want to note here that, unlike metal baskets, this woven basket might not fare well in constant rain. Regular exposure could lead to mold or mildew, so it’s best not to leave it out in wet weather for too long.

Best basket sets: Ugandan African Hanging wall basket of 3

The wall set is an impactful way to inject some personality into your living area. What’s great about these is that you get three baskets, offering flexibility in how you use them.

You could group them to create a stunning visual statement, almost like a gallery wall, or use them separately across different rooms. The result is a set of beautiful, and handmade pieces that instantly catch the eye.


  • A Set of three baskets offers flexibility in usage and display.
  • Practical uses beyond wall decor
  • Beautiful and handmade pieces that instantly catch the eye.


  • Requires creative mounting solutions, such as using small command hooks.

What we also like

While these baskets are popularly used as hanging wall decor, they’re also ideal for practical uses like holding fruit or organizing bathroom and makeup items. The way they combine functionality with aesthetic appeal is truly impressive.

What we don’t like

The only minor downside is that these baskets don’t come with hooks for hanging. This means you’ll need to get a little creative when it comes to mounting them.

For a simple solution, you can use small Command Hooks, which are easy to find and use. Plus, I’ve got a video demonstration to help you out if you’re not sure how to start.


Why should I opt for handwoven baskets?

Choosing handwoven baskets is a great idea for several reasons. They’re unique due to their handcrafted nature, with each basket having its distinctive charm and shapes. 

They’re also sustainable and will help to organize your space against clutter. And they are versatile such that you can use them as storage baskets, decor, and more. Plus, by opting for handmade baskets, you’re supporting the artisans and traditional crafts in Africa.

How can you tell if a basket is handwoven?

To identify a handwoven basket, look closely at the weave. You’ll often see slight variations in the pattern or the thickness of the strands, which are signs of being made by hand. 

Also, woven baskets may not be perfectly symmetrical like machine-made ones, which adds to their charm.

Can I use these baskets as home decor?

Absolutely! Their bold colors, intricate designs, and varied shapes and sizes make them a perfect decor piece, adding an exotic and earthy element to interior design. 

They can be used as wall decor, plant holders, storage baskets, or simply as statement pieces on a table or shelf.

Why you can trust us

Our goal is simple: to guide you in buying the best products and making the most of your purchases. Our recommendations come from in-depth research and analysis by our expert reviewers. We don’t just look at the product details; we dive into user reviews and rely on our own experiences with these products too.

Additionally, we’ve gained insights directly from Rufina Asaolu, the founder and visionary behind Rufina Designs.

As a Black woman entrepreneur leading an African accessory shop, Rufina offers invaluable expertise in selecting top-quality baskets. So, when you read our guide, you’re not just getting general advice; you’re getting tips from someone who truly knows her stuff. Trust us to steer you in the right direction!

Hi, I’m Rufina,

Back in 2018, I turned my love for crafting African accessories into Rufina Designs, right from my bedroom. It’s been an exciting ride ever since as I’ve delved into the vibrant world of African accessories. For me, it’s more than just a business venture – it’s a celebration of my Ghanaian heritage and a way to support our talented local artisans across Africa.

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