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10 Smart Ways to Tidy Up Your Home Using Woven Baskets

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10 Smart Ways to Tidy Up Your Home Using Woven Baskets

I love a good storage solution that doesn’t scream “I’m just here to hold your stuff.” That’s why I am such a fan of woven baskets. They not only keep clutter out of sight; they bring a cozy vibe and a bit of character to any room.

Let’s explore some clever ways to tidy up your home using woven baskets!

What are the uses of handwoven baskets?

Woven baskets are super versatile and can be used for various purposes around the house. They’re great for storing items, adding a decorative touch, and even organizing clutter.

You can use them in almost any room to hold things like magazines, blankets, toys, and plants. They also work well for organizing kitchen supplies, and bathroom essentials, and even for holding laundry.

Ways to tidy up your home using woven baskets

I’ll share some clever ways I’ve used woven baskets from Rufina Designs, and how you can use them to tidy up your space however you like.

1. Organize your entryway with woven baskets

I have a little secret for keeping the front of my house looking neat and smelling fresh: a big, beautiful woven basket right by the door.

It’s where I toss in all those shoes, umbrellas, and sometimes even sports gear that usually clutters up the space. This helps everything tidy and adds this cozy, welcoming vibe as soon as you step in.

Now, here’s a personal touch I absolutely swear by: lining the bottom of the basket with scented paper. Before tossing in my shoes, I lay down some nicely scented paper. It’s a simple move, but it makes a world of difference. Suddenly, your entryway doesn’t just look tidy; it smells amazing too. It’s like a little hello-hug for your nose every time you walk in!

So, if you’re trying to figure out how to tackle that entryway clutter, give this a shot. A woven basket might just be the charming, smell-good solution you’ve been looking for.

2. Living room library

Ways to Tidy Up Your Home Using Woven Baskets:

Who says books need to stay on shelves? Instead of letting your favorite reads pile up on the coffee table, use a large woven basket to house them.

Stack your current reads, magazines, and cozy throws in a woven basket next to your favorite chair. It’s a library and a comfort corner rolled into one, creating a relaxed vibe.

It’s an unconventional library that adds character to your living room, making your collection a part of the decor. Plus, it’s portable; pick up the basket, and you’ve got a selection for those lazy backyard afternoons.

3. Plant paradise

Ways to Tidy Up Your Home Using Woven Baskets: a Rufina Designs African planter basket

In my conservatory, I use woven pot baskets for my plants. 

Here’s how I do it, and maybe you’ll find it handy too. Before I place my plants into these lovely woven baskets, I pop them into a plant plate or a plastic pot. Why? Because when it’s watering time, I don’t want to risk damaging the basket. This little hack keeps my baskets looking as good as new, no soggy messes here!

And the best part? I can easily move them around to catch the sunniest spots throughout the day. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your plant space, think about giving them a little upgrade with some woven baskets.

4. Use woven baskets for bathroom organization

Ways to Tidy Up Your Home Using Woven Baskets: a basket filled with bathroom towels

First, consider the open shelving system in your bathroom. I often notice that, despite being trendy, it can look cluttered.

However, you can get rid of this messy situation by using woven baskets, giving it a curated, stylish, and organic look. Specially, for storing items like towels, toiletries, and hair care products.

compact basket on the countertop can hold toiletries or hand towels, creating a spa-like ambiance. 

For a more hidden solution, tuck a basket under the sink for extra toilet paper rolls or cleaning supplies, keeping essentials handy yet out of sight.

When choosing the basket size, make sure they fit perfectly in their allotted spots. Large ones for towels, and smaller ones for cosmetics and individual items.

The beauty is that no major renovation or hefty investment is required – just creative understanding and smart positioning. Plus, guests will feel like they’ve stepped into a luxury retreat.

5. Organise kitchen utensils, shelves and benches

Credit: Rufina Designs fruit Basket

In my kitchen, which I swear is the busiest spot in my house, I’ve found a simple trick to keep things tidy: fruit baskets. They’re my go-to for holding fruits and hiding away those bits and bobs that I don’t need immediately but will later on.  

It’s a straightforward solution that helps keep my countertops clean and my kitchen feeling welcoming.

6. Maximize your bedroom in your closet with woven baskets

Ways to Tidy Up Your Home Using Woven Baskets: a Rufina Designs laundry basket

In my bedroom, I’ve really leaned into using woven baskets for pretty much everything. I’ve got this big woven basket where I stash extra pillows and the bulky sweaters I only need when it gets chilly. It’s super handy and keeps things looking neat instead of having them sprawled all over. 

And it’s not just the big stuff. A smaller woven basket on my nightstand keeps my jewelry, watch, and charging cables all in one spot, so I always know where to find them. It’s these little touches that make my room feel organized and cozy.

Honestly, stepping over shoes or searching for a lost earring used to drive me nuts.

Now, everything has its place, and it’s all thanks to a couple of sturdy, woven baskets. They’re not just practical; they add a bit of personality to my space, too.

This thing is handmade and has outlasted every plastic basket I’ve ever owned. We’re talking over 3 years of solid use and it’s still holding up like a champ. 

It just goes to show how durable these baskets can be.

Rufina recommends: African Laundry Basket 

7. Create a stylish toy storage solution

Ways to Tidy Up Your Home Using Woven Baskets: a Rufina Designs basket

For those with little ones, a playroom can quickly become a sea of toys. Large woven baskets make excellent homes for stuffed animals, dolls, blocks, action figures, and more that never seem to have a proper place.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when using woven baskets for toy storage: 

  • Label the baskets by toy type, making it easier for kids and adults to find what they need and clean up after play sessions.
  • Ensure the baskets are within reach of the little ones to make tidying up a fun and engaging activity.
  • Choose baskets with handles that make it easy to move them around.

Voila! We’ve got an attractive, organized space for all those toys with Rufina Designs woven baskets.

8. Office odds and ends

Turn a woven basket into your office buddy. Use them to sort paperwork, store office supplies, extra cables, chargers, or even corral power strips and cables under your desk.  

A neatly organized office space can significantly boost your focus and creativity.

9. Crafting corner organizer

A woven basket filled with knitting items

For the creatives out there, a series of small to medium baskets can be a sanctuary for all your craft supplies.

Whether it’s yarn, paintbrushes, or scrapbooking materials, keeping them in a designated basket not only keeps your space tidy but also inspires you to dive into your next project. At least it does for me.

It’s a visually pleasing way to keep your creative chaos in check.

10. Under-the-bed bounty

Ways to Tidy Up Your Home Using Woven Baskets: a woven basket filled with laundry

Low-profile woven baskets are perfect for exploiting that underused space beneath your bed.

Whether it’s seasonal clothing, extra linens, or shoes, these baskets slide in and out with ease, keeping your less frequently used items dust-free and organized. It’s like adding a new closet to your room without any construction.


What are the uses of woven baskets?

Woven baskets can be used for a variety of purposes around the house. They’re great for storing items, adding a decorative touch, and even organizing clutter.

You can use them in almost any room to hold things like magazines, blankets, toys, and plants. They also work well for organizing kitchen supplies, and bathroom essentials, and even for holding laundry.

How do you use a basket in a bedroom?

In a bedroom, a woven basket can serve many purposes. Place a basket near your bed to keep books, glasses, or a water bottle handy. You can also use larger baskets to store extra pillows, blankets, or seasonal clothing under the bed or in the closet. Smaller baskets are perfect for organizing jewelry, accessories, or makeup on a dresser.

What is the use of baskets at home?

At home, baskets can help keep spaces tidy and organized while adding a touch of style. They’re ideal for:

  • Keeping entryways neat by storing shoes, umbrellas, and outdoor accessories.
  • Organizing kitchen countertops by holding fruits, vegetables, or baking supplies.
  • Tidying up living areas by containing remote controls, gaming devices, and DVDs.
  • Creating extra storage in bathrooms for towels, toiletries, and beauty products.
  • Sorting laundry and making it easy to transport clothes to and from the laundry room.

What can you organize in a basket?

You can organize almost anything in a basket, including:

  • In the living room: Magazines, throws, and toys.
  • In the kitchen: Fresh produce, packaged snacks, and cooking utensils.
  • In the bathroom: Rolled towels, toiletries, and hair care products.
  • In the bedroom: Socks, scarves, and belts.
  • For kids: Toys, books, and craft supplies.
  • In the office: Papers, stationery, and small electronics.

Baskets are a simple yet effective solution to keep your home organized and looking great. They allow you to clear clutter while keeping your belongings easily accessible and in their rightful place.

Why Rufina Designs Woven Storage Baskets?

Aside from their storage prowess, woven baskets from Rufina Designs add texture, warmth, and a touch of nature to any space. They’re durable, eco-friendly, and versatile, making them a smart addition to any home.

So, next time you’re looking at that clutter, use any of these clever ways to tidy up your home using woven baskets.

Remember, organizing is not just about putting things away. It’s about creating beauty and efficiency in your daily life. And with woven baskets, you’re doing just that—combining practicality with a flair for the aesthetic.

Let’s make storage not just smart, but beautiful too.

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