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10 Best Handmade African Gifts That’ll Delight Your Loved Ones (Personal Picks)

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10 Best Handmade African Gifts That’ll Delight Your Loved Ones (Personal Picks)

Sometimes, finding a unique gift for a loved one can actually be challenging. Rather than resort to last-minute gift cards (ahem, guilty as charged!), I’m going to introduce you to some of the best handmade African gifts that you can find online.

These are thoughtful finds, the type that make you go ‘wow’ I wish someone would get these for me.” (hint, hint, dear hubby). 

Fun fact: all of these gifts are handmade by local artisans right from Africa!

This list is a reflection of my upbringing in Accra, Ghana, before moving to the UK, where I currently reside. Also, being married to a Nigerian and having explored numerous African countries in search of these gems, I've curated this list to be as diverse and well-rounded as possible.

So, while it may not cover everything, I've done my best to ensure there's something for everyone.

African Art Sculptures of Tribal African Women

If you have friends who love art, I think these handcrafted sculptures would make for a great gift for them to include in their decor.

Whenever I want to give a gift, I like it to be the type I’m sure won’t be abandoned or not used. This is why I think these 3 African sculptures make for a good gift. 

You just know it works anywhere, be it in the living room, bedroom, or if it’s just placed on a coffee table or mantel.

I loved these, bought them as a gift and decided to keep them for myself. The color is beautiful.” shared an Amazon reviewer

Don’t be this person. When you buy this as a gift, I hope you do give them. Or buy two so you can keep one for yourself- swoon!

 African art sculpture of 3 women

African Ankara Print Fabric Bundle

I have found love for a lot of fabric types of late, and among my absolute favourite is the African wax prints.

The patterns and colors options are really beautiful.

You can always get something for your fashionista sister, or best friend from the many options available in the market.

With it, they can sew a stunning dress, or maybe indulge in some DIY crafts at home like decorating their lampshade or throw pillows with the fabric like  Anitra Terrell shared in her article.

Best Handmade African Gifts: Ankara fabric

African Handwoven Basket

As the proud owner of this basket, I can confirm the hype is real and very, very valid. 

In fact, If you ask me for african gift ideas, I very definitely will recommend woven baskets

Nearly all the people I have given a woven basket have said that they liked them—and frankly, they look more expensive than they actually are. Win-win.

I use this as my go-to day-to-day bag. I wear it to work, the farmer’s market, grocery shopping, night out, etc. I have found it to be one of my most versatile bags. 

Plus, it’s just so darn gorge.

Best Handmade African Gifts: Rufina Designs basket

Beads and Jewelry

I believe that accessories are really the finishing touch on any outfit. 

And African beads and jewelry let your giftee show off their style and personality in a way that’s personal and truly them.

My favorite at the moment is this African beaded Zulu necklace & bracelet set as well as beaded bracelets. And I bet your giftee won’t even guess it’s less than £16.

Leekung African Statue for Home Decorations

Instead of a boring old sweater or a gift card, how about something that’s going to spark conversation and curiosity?

A statue like this one allows your giftee to welcome their guest in a peaceful and welcoming spirit.

I also like that it’s a practical and decorative gift all in one. From the African man’s tranquil post to the leaf he’s holding, it’s something to show off to admiring glances.

Rufina Designs African Wall Baskets from Uganda

These wall baskets are perfect for anyone who loves decor or enjoys playing around with design. I’ve got a couple of them in my own home, and they never fail to impress guests.

I use mine all around the house as a fruit bowl, a table centerpiece, and a storage basket in my entryway.

So you see, whomever you do give African baskets, you can be sure they’ll find uses for them, just as I have.

A very functional gift, if I ever saw one.

The Book of African Proverbs: A Collection of Timeless Wisdom, Wit, Sayings & Advice by Gerd De Ley (Author)

If you have a curious friend, a book packed with wisdom and humour the Book of African Proverbs makes for a good gift.

You know, one of the things that makes this book so special is that it’s so well-crafted. Gerd De Ley has done an amazing job collecting these proverbs from all over Africa and presenting them in a way that’s engaging.

And I think that’s what makes this book such a great gift— it’s a doorway into the African culture and way of thinking.

African Straw Sun Hat with African Prints

Don’t know what to give as a summer gift? You can’t go wrong with a sun hat. Treat her to this cute hat with beautiful African prints for her next getaway in the sun.

And you know what’s great about this hat?

It’s a great piece of decoration. I’ve hung my own hat on my entryway wall, and it looks fantastic. Even if your loved one isn’t using their hat, they can still enjoy it differently.

And this hat is so versatile—it’s unisex, your loved one’s partner might just borrow it (I know my husband does!). 

Ankara Hair Bonnet

Your friends with curly hair, blowouts, or braids will fancy one, even if they already have a cupboard full of bonnets. It’s just too cute and colorful.

I like this particular bonnet because of how well it protects my hair from tangling while I sleep.

Plus, it has two straps to tighten the edges so the bonnet stays atop my head so the cap doesn’t slip off mid-sleep.

Handwoven African fan

Bring a slice of the tropics right into your friend's hands with Rufina Designs Straw Bolga Fan

Crafted from elephant grass and leather, the fan is dyed with unique patterns that scream African vibes.

I really love just how his fan fits into any setting. It’ll keep you cool. And it’s really cute to see. When I don’t carry it, I show a bunch of them off on a shelf. And yes, I do get compliments.


How can I purchase these handcrafted African gifts?

You can buy these handmade African gifts online through various platforms or directly from local artisans and craft shops like Rufina Designs where we sell woven baskets, dolls, wall baskets, and many other gift items. 

Are these gifts suitable for all occasions?

I think what makes these African gifts so great is that they can work for all kinds of occasions. They’re unique and handcrafted, which makes them special and meaningful, but they’re also versatile enough to be used for a variety of events.

So, whether you’re looking for a gift for a birthday, a wedding, or just because, I think these African gifts are a great choice. 

Can I find these gifts online?

Yes, you can find these gifts online on e-commerce websites like Rufina Designs, artisan marketplaces, and specialty gift shops that specialize in African handicrafts.

Can I customize these gifts?

Some artisans do offer customization options for certain gifts, allowing you to add personal touches or tailor them to what you want. You just have to let them know your preference ahead of time. 

What do Africans give as gifts?

Africans give different kinds of gifts depending on the occasion. Common gifts include handmade crafts, traditional clothing, jewelry, artwork, and symbolic items with cultural significance.

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