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11 Benefits of African Planter Baskets for Your Houseplants

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11 Benefits of African Planter Baskets for Your Houseplants

I’ve been using African planter baskets from Rufina Designs, and honestly, they’ve changed my indoor garden in ways I didn’t expect.

Moving away from the usual plastic and ceramic pots to these baskets has been a game-changer for my plants and my home’s vibe.

Let me walk you through the top benefits of using these planter baskets.

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The benefits of African planter baskets

I’ll tell you all about why you should choose planter baskets from Rufina Designs for your plants. Let’s dive in and see why they’re the best fit for your green friends!

1. Promotes healthy plant growth

Credit: RufinaDesigns African Planter Basket

These baskets let your plants breathe! The natural materials allow air to circulate around the roots, preventing the dreaded waterlogging that’s all too common with plastic and ceramic pots.

This airflow not only boosts root health but also keeps your plants thriving through seasonal temperature changes. I’ve noticed my plants are happier and grow better in these baskets.

2. Reduced overwatering risk

Using handwoven planter baskets for your plants makes watering them much simpler and reduces the chance of overwatering. The reason is that these baskets are made from materials that let water through, so excess water doesn’t sit at the bottom of the pot, a problem often seen with plastic pots.

Holden Forests & Gardens explains that the materials used in making these baskets can absorb and distribute moisture evenly through the soil. This means the soil stays moist without becoming too wet, which is great for people who tend to give their plants a bit too much water.

Rufina Designs baskets, with their thoughtful designs, strike the perfect balance for plant health- not too wet, not too dry.

3. They are super versatile

Benefits of African Planter Baskets: Rufina Designs African Planter basket
Credit: RufinaDesigns Planter Basket

You can hang them, place them on the floor, or pop them on a shelf. Rufina Designs offers all sizes, so every plant, big or small, gets a home. Their versatility has allowed me to get creative with plant arrangements throughout my home.

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4. Keeps plants safe

Benefits of African Planter Baskets: Rufina Designs African Planter basket
Credit: RufinaDesigns Planter Basket

Got a curious cat or a playful toddler? These baskets help keep your delicate plants out of reach. Plus, being able to move them quickly means I can keep my plants safe from any unexpected playtime.

5. Woven planters are environmentally friendly

By choosing these baskets, you’re doing the planet a favor. They’re made from sustainable, biodegradable materials like palm leaves and sisal. They’re biodegradable and don’t harm the planet like plastic pots. Plus, supporting sustainable living feels right.

They’re crafted in a way that the impact on the environment is minimal, making them a tremendous choice for eco-conscious plant owners.

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6. Easy to move around

Benefits of African Planter Baskets: Rufina Designs African Planter basket
Credit: RufinaDesigns Woven U-Shopper Basket

I love the freedom of easily moving my plants to catch the perfect amount of sunlight, thanks to the lightweight nature of these baskets. Whether it’s rearranging for aesthetics or plant health, the portability is a huge plus. It’s great for keeping your indoor garden flexible.

7. Planters improve indoor air quality

Improving indoor air quality can be as simple as adding plants to your home, especially when they are placed in baskets that allow for better airflow. These plants act as natural air purifiers by removing common pollutants, which can make your living environment healthier and more pleasant.

The idea that plants can clean the air inside our homes is backed by science. For instance, Viet Trang, a Handicraft Manufacturer and Exporter noted that research conducted by NASA in the 1980s found that the soil and roots of houseplants were very effective at reducing harmful chemicals in the air.

This discovery led to further research, and while some findings have been debated, the consensus is that plants do help in reducing air pollutants.

8. They look amazing

Honestly, they’re like art pieces. Each one is handwoven, full of beautiful patterns and colors. They add a stylish touch that no plastic pot can match. I’ve personally filled my home with these beauties from Rufina Designs, and they never fail to garner compliments.

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9. So many choices to choose from

Credit: RufinaDesigns flower pot

Rufina Designs has a basket for every plant and style. Whether you want something tall, wide, colorful, or subtle, they’ve got it. It’s like plant accessory heaven.

10. Keeps invasive plants in check

Some plants love to spread out. A simple way to keep these plants under control is by using planters. Putting them in planters means they can’t spread all over your garden.

Planting them in these baskets helps keep them contained and manageable. It’s a simple solution for keeping your garden tidy. The Soothing Company lists plants like Japanese wisteria, bee balm, mint, snake plant, garden mum, lemon balm, and common periwinkle as examples of these fast-spreading plants.


What is a planter basket?

A planter basket is a container for plants, often made from natural materials like wicker or bamboo. These baskets are breathable and come in various sizes to fit different plants, adding decorative appeal to spaces.

Are baskets good for your plants?

Yes, baskets are beneficial because they allow air flow around the roots and provide natural drainage, helping prevent root rot and maintaining soil moisture.

Why are baskets important?

Baskets support healthier plant growth, are eco-friendly, versatile in decor, and often handcrafted, adding unique style and supporting traditional crafts.

Why Rufina Designs woven planter baskets?

Choosing African pot baskets from Rufina Designs has been one of the best decisions for my plants and my home. They combine style, sustainability, and functionality in a way that truly benefits my plants and my space. If you’re looking to switch up how you house your plants, I can’t recommend them enough.

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