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The growing trend of Ankara fashion

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The growing trend of Ankara fashion

I am not sure where or how this name ‘Ankara’ originated from but it has become a household name with respect to African fabric. While it is very common in many African countries, particularly West African countries, Ankara fabric continue to be a growing fashion trend on the global fashion scene with celebrities like Beyoncé & Rhianna having been spotted in them.


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There is a lot of choices of design from subtle to very vibrant colours. The appeal of the finished product – which sometimes comes with matching plain colours – depends on the creativity of the designer.


Solange Knowles in African print dress
Solange Knowles in Ankara print dress/

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Ankara head wrap also known as ankara print head wrap

Ankara Head wrap from our own collection.

Why don’t you come on this journey with me to learn the history of Ankara and how to use use Ankara to create your own style. It can easily compliment a Western style wardrobe.